Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Your #1 Question Answered - an example of my week

May 2012                       May 2013

I get asked alllll the time by stalkers strangers what my work out plan looks like and I recently discovered Muffin Topless ( and pretty much live by it) it's pretty much identical to what I was doing but here she has it all planned out and with a future. It couldn't have come at a better time as my own plan was starting to feel stagnant :) I sometimes substitute/add a certain exercise to more suit me or my gym but for the most part I stick to what she has planned out http://muffin-topless.com/muffin-topless-summer-challenge/

I jumped right to weeks 5-8 as I wasn't just begining and needed more of a challenge I also combine a couple of days into one to suit my busy life ie: yesterday I spent an hour walking/hiking(with my 5 year old up a mountain or maybe a butte but it feels like a mountain) for cardio and last night I did shoulders and back. Tonight I will be doing just cardio tomorrow arms and cardio, thursday legs and friday off, Saturday Chest and cardio etc....I am off her days of the week but you get the point :) I almost always do some sort of AB work after I lift weights and before my cardio.

Typical AB work out where I get the best results
3x10 cable crunches 50lbs
3x10 ea. side Kettle Bell oblique dips
3x10 leg raises either bench, hanging or laying on the floor
and 3x20 bicycle crunches.
Getting some definition - it's diet that really matters on abs

 Ocasionally I switch up my ab routine but always end up back at this one :O

If your wondering what my cardio is please refer to my previous post about how I HATE running ;) 

Happy Summer - enjoy and hope that helps! Most important thing I do, is to do it - Lift weights ladies lose weight and be fit - no more fat skinny girl here!

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  1. Holy abs!! After 2 babies even!! Gives me hope. I am a shameless stalker, thanks for the inspiration.