Thursday, June 27, 2013

"diet" a self professing JUNK food JUNKIE

June 2011       -      June 2013 

PREFACE: I am a part time working momma with 2 children.One diabetic and gluten free so food is a highly sensitive subject in my life I know more about food then I ever wanted to mostly because of my daughters diet.... I usually prepare a kids meal(gf and proper carb counts for her needs)  and an adult meal I try to keep stuff simple and fast.

I eat, I don't "diet" I try to make better choices...sure some days are better then others but usually most are worse. It's a very conscious decision to chose to eat good and not fast, cheap and easy....with that said I am weak minded!! I love fast food, I love stuff that isn't healthy and I am most certainly a binge eater ;O I find myself in the pantry eating marshmallows like if no one sees me it didn't happen. However, your body tells the story of what you eat so hiding while eating won't work! My biggest weakness is breakfast 1. I am NOT a morning person and 2. McDonalds breakfast is my all time fave "food" gross, I know but hey I am human and I am professing my love of crappy food here!

Back to the begining: In January I joined a gym a real gym with the intent of not going there just to use the treadmill (see previous post about how much I love running;) and with-in a month I was hooked but I knew I had to change my diet or I was wasting my time...lots of my time...I come from a catholic family (aka grandma) so I'm aware of the religious observations like lent and lot's of people catholic or not observe lent because sometimes we just need an excuse to do something challenging. SO I decided in February that I would give up fast food! At first it was easy then about 2 weeks in I wanted to cave BAD but I didn't and by day 40 I no longer craved sweet tea or whoppers! Along with not eating fast food I changed a lot of my habits at home like swapping out all grains for whole grains no more liquor at home and limited my beer intake drastically, increased my water consumption and cut back LOTS of sugar.

I try to stick to a simple concept "clean eating"(not a diet of clean eating it's a thought process) single ingredient foods or 5 or less ingredients like fruit, vegetable, whole grains, brown rice, lean meats etc...

a good day consists of
Breakfast: COFFEE (I love creamer :/) oatmeal, a couple eggs and a piece of fruit OR greek yogurt with chia seeds and wheat toast/ english muffin(wheat of fiber one) with peanut butter.

snack/post workout: protein shake or protein bar I like builder bars the most.

Lunch: Chicken, vegetables brown rice, fruit. Yesterday I made a buffalo chicken wrap and it was heaven with half an apple and peanut butter.

Snack: this is so's what ever I am craving cottage cheese, fruit, veggies, pretzels with hummus, yogurt, granola etc....I usually work in the afternoons (part time) so I grab stuff to eat on the go...

Dinner - fish, sweet potatoes and salad (I adore sweet potatoes!)

Desert:  just about every night it's graham cracker with peanut butter and milk - it used to be a stack of oreos and milk ;O

So that's my typical ideal's a matter of replacing your current food with better options. I don't suggest trying to revamp everything you know or eat,
start small and go easy :D find good food you like and stick to it.

NEXT BLOG POST ~ supplements, vitamins and protein!