Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I love cardio & HATE runnning!

my favorite 5k you can read about it here
I am sure most readers are thinking how is that even possible? Simple I absolutely am not a runner nor do I aspire to be one. I DID do the C25K twice and I gave it an honest effort and it did come naturally to me I didn't struggle to do the C25K I made decent time and often improved my time as the weeks went on. I ran a couple of 5K's and if it weren't for a good cause would have complained more ;) I even did a learn to run clinic in 2011 in the DEAD of winter, we ran in absolute blizzards covered in snow running in snow, it was fantastic ;/ the last 5K I ran was with my lanky runners body of a husband and it was the most frustrating thing we have done together (and mind you we are raising two very needy children) I committed and said out loud many times I hate running I am not a runner and that's fine with me I will leave it to the people who find it mind clearing and beneficial. Sure I run a mile here or there maybe even two.

Monster costumer dash 12' 1st place costume this race was miserating ;/ back pain

St. Patty's Dash 2013 I ran for beer (31 minutes)
So how is it possible to love cardio and hate running - simple I want to be fit healthy and ehem...skinny, not like Kelly Rippa (RUNNERS BODY!Jel a little!) So my cardio routine consists of circuit cardio, typically 15 minutes on an eliptical, then the stairmill, a bike and yes the dreaded treadmil usually a 10 minute mile and a 5 minute fast paced walk. That's 60 minutes of fairly intense heart pumping sweat dripping cardio with out RUNNING the whole time. I have a bad case of ADD too so bouncing between machines benefits me menatally and physically so much better then running. I can accomplish so much more then just running which I would never do for 60 minutes even if I were being chased by zombies, it wants me that bad it can have me :)
I only ran to break in the shoes I won at said Monster Dash - BROOKS baby!

So that's my fat burning cardio no running routine. I strive to do that twice a week and 3 if I am really feeling it but with leg day in the mix I find it hard to do that. On my weight training days I try to get in 25 minutes of HIIT cardio - basically 5 minute warm up on the treadmill walking at a fast pace and as high incline as you can handle (I do 12-15 and I have to hold on so I don't fall off) the incline works your booty my problem area :O (yes I have a cellulite laden booty!) then I crank it up to a sprint and I sprint for 30 seconds then I stand on the side while that sucker runs (this takes a little skill) and rest for 30 seconds I do that for 20 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes WARNING you will sweat like a pig while doing this! HIIT is a FAT burning cardio so as you can see I rarely do any steady cardio I find it getting harder and harder the more weight training I do. It's hard to body build and lean muscles so chose your work outs carefully. My advice - if you are in fact doing some sort of body building routine chose you cardio carefully - long stints of cardio(marathon runners don't really have time for body building anyhow and vice versa) and weight lifting will confuse the muscle and you may not achieve what it is you are trying to do :)

PS NO gym?! The best at home HIIT in my opinion is a jump rope. Warmup jogging for 5 minutes then jump rope 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 20 minutes - EASY...NOT but worth it!

Bucket list 5k - COLOR RUN (check September 2013 then that's it, unless it involves beer!)


  1. LOVE this, because I HATE running too, want to run, want to run more 5k's but I can not enjoy it! I need your workout plan! :) Can you post what you do daily... cause I have ADD too when it comes to working out! Thanks!

  2. Love that you will run for beer :$